This past weekend we had Hurricane Irma strike our Sunshine State.  It was one of the biggest recorded hurricanes in the Atlantic. Sadly, Irma is not the first & definitely not the last hurricane, or natural disaster to affect us. Hurricanes in the South, wild fires & earthquakes in the West Coast, tornadoes in the Midwest & snow blizzards across the north. No one is safe from natural disasters, but you can increase your odds of survival by being better prepared.

In a time when most Americans live from paycheck to paycheck, and most have no savings, how do you escape from danger & protect your family when its most crucial? One word …CREDIT.

Credit is not something to be taken lightly. Credit is not to buy new sneakers just because you want them, but can’t afford them. Credit is not to dine out at fancy restaurants with cards you can’t afford to pay back. Credit is not to impress others; the ego fades away. Great credit is earned by being consistently responsible with your daily financial decisions. Positive trade lines will not  only make your everyday life easier, they will also be decisive during times of disaster and despair. Enough available credit will allow you to buy a generator when there is no power; it will make it possible for you to buy a ticket or gas to transport your family to a safe place; it will help you buy food and water in preparation for a food shortage, as well as allow you to get supplies needed to guarantee your safety. Great credit & positive trade lines could be the line separating life and death.

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