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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Credit Recovery
Credit recovery is the process of improving credit reports that are damaged. This can be done either by identifying and removing inaccurate or outdated information being reported by the credit bureaus, or by learning and implementing techniques and behaviors that positively affect your credit score. In most cases a combination of both procedures is necessary to achieve optimum results.
What is a credit bureau?
A credit bureau is a company that collects, processes and stores individuals’ personal credit information and sells it to credit card companies, banks and other financial institutions and business in the form of a credit report, which helps them make decisions regarding extending credit or granting loans to consumers.
What is the Fair Credit Reporting Act?
The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a federal law created to ensure the fairness, accuracy and privacy of the consumers’ information collected and sold by the credit reporting agencies.
Why is credit recovery important?
Credit has a direct impact in all areas of your life. Lower credit will highly reduce the amount of purchases you will be able to make, loans you will get approved for, and employment opportunities. It can cost you thousands of dollars over the life of a loan as a result of higher interests. Good credit, on the other hand, will give you confidence and put you in control of your finances, while opening endless opportunities for you and your family.

How Long Does Credit Recover Take?
Credit recovery is not an overnight process and you should be wary of anyone or any company that promises to fix your credit “now”, “fast”, or “in x amount of months”. Recovering your credit depends on your specific goals and unique situation, so nobody should make general promises as to how long the process will take. That is why we will analyze your case and create a custom solution that fits your needs. Given that it takes the bureaus to review information about 30 days, you should be getting your first results in a little over a month.
Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Absolutely! Even though nobody can predict a specific outcome when it comes to credit recovery, we will work diligently towards maximizing the chances of a greater result. If in 90 days we do not fix or delete any negative remarks, we will refund your credit audit cost. You are also free to cancel at any point when you feel we have helped you enough. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

"My Credit Was Fixed in a Little Over 3 Months!!!!"

- Jonathan Lobo, March 19th 2019

Jonathan Lobo

Jonathan Lobo

March 26th, 2019
 I want to thank Alpha Credit Recovery for fixing my credit. I honestly spent several hundred dollars with Lexington law what a waste of time and money. Lexington Law didn't fix anything in my credit report. With Alpha Credit Recovery my credit was fixed in a little over 3 months!!!! NO Erroneous or negative items in my credit ZERO! Mike is the Credit Specialist and he guided me and told me everything I needed to accomplish to get where I am now. Currently we are about 3 days of closing on my home!!!! I can't believe that in such a short amount of time everything was fixed. If you are looking to do credit repair please don't hesitate on using Alpha Credit Repair. Speak with Mike and he will help you and get you were you wanna be! 700 club is now in my reach thanks to the honest and hard work provided by Alpha Credit Repair.

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